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Located in the historic downtown area of New Britain, Santos Driving School of New Britain has been instructing new drivers for over 35 years. Our chief instructor has taught multiple generations on safe motor vehicle operation.  

We serve a wide range of students from all over Connecticut, and value every relationship greatly. Our customer recommendation rate is directly related to our customer satisfaction and making each student a priority. 

Exceeding student expectations...


We provided the most up to date instruction on Connecticut laws and proper motor vehicle operation. Our instructor is capable of conducting bi-lingual classes and study materials are available in multiple languages.

This flexibility allows our students to learn in a more comfortable environment ensuring that they retain the knowledge and pass the exams the first time around. driving school

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Our driving schedule and road instruction is dependent on you. We make ourselves flexible to be able to accommodate your life. We provide pick up services for hourly driving that allows you to minimize your time away from home. Our classes are in the evenings and on weekends so that a busy work schedule doesn't interfere with your learning.  

We provide all in one packages that make the whole process as easy as possible to ensure you stay focused on getting your license. What this means for you is that you can complete our course with confidence that you will be in the driver's seat in no time. 

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Santos Driving School of New Britain

34 Broad St., New Britain, CT 06053, US

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